Working with Textiles

Why should your print shop utilize textiles as graphic media? Working with textiles offers a unique way to display messaging and graphics but requires specific technology and handling to optimize the output. When working with textiles it is important to understand color management because different items such as optical brighteners, renderings intents, and the chroma method can all affect the printed graphics. Textile handling, such as shrinkage, stretching, creasing, and migration, is another integral part of using these media. Combining the use of color management and proper media handling with reliable, consistent, high-quality Ultraflex media will give your company the tools for success.

About Kylie Schleicher

Kylie Schleicher has been a product and marketing specialist in the digital printing industry for 8 years. Her background in chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of not only the products and their applications but also the construction of the materials.

About André Schwarz

André has been working in the large format printing industry since 2007 and was able to gain a lot of interesting experience in various positions, allowing him to understand the industry from different perspectives. André Schwarz has experience with all common printers, ink technologies, software solutions, and printing materials. His strengths include customer- and solution-oriented and above all practical and structured working methods, a high degree of technical interest and understanding, a high and quick comprehension as well as passion, loyalty, and joy at work.