Working with Interior Décor Products


There is a growing call for major equipment brands to continue marketing towards expanding opportunities outside of traditional graphics applications. You can currently brand corporate lobbies with custom walls, canvas, flooring, and now custom upholstered furniture. As you start using different materials for interior décor, there are many things to consider when printing the products. With proper understanding of the materials, their attributes, color management, and installation techniques, you can be successful in utilizing interior décor products.

About Teunis Roos

Teunis Roos started working in the large format printing industry 15 years ago. He accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the large format printing industry with virtually anything that prints. Having traveled around the globe and being a trusted partner for hundreds of printing specialists, his expertise is based upon years of practical experience with RIP software, color management tools, measurement instruments, and printing equipment. He is best known for his down-to-earth and pragmatic approach. Teunis Roos now manages the technical lab teams at Color Concepts and is involved in various R&D projects with leading manufacturers of both hard- and software.