To the Table: Finding Our Way Back to Shopping and Dining

Normal activities like shopping, working, playing, learning and worshipping have changed dramatically due to the COVID 19 pandemic. How can businesses, shopping centers, restaurants and others safely drive consumers back into their store fronts? Reopening may have been one of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome, and convincing consumers to leave behind the safety of their computers for online shopping to return to the stores will be another hurdle. Ultraflex can help you choose media solutions for your environment that can help you communicate with your patrons and enhance their experience, while representing the powerful brand you’ve worked so hard to build. Ultraflex has the knowledge, expertise and products to help you operate safely and deliver important messages.

About Kylie Schleicher

Kylie Schleicher has been a product and marketing specialist in the digital printing industry for 8 years. Her background in chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of not only the products and their applications but also the construction of the materials.

About Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson has been serving the digital printing industry for over 30 years. His expertise in the printing industry has helped customers transition and incorporate wide format printing to their digital sheet-fed and traditional offset print shops. Tim’s diversified experience in distribution as well as manufacturing allows him to understand the industry in an unique way and provide a wide breadth of knowledge and service to his customers.