The Keys To Being Successful with Dye-Sublimation

Have you ever noticed that the colors on a sublimated substrate may not match exactly with the colors you customer is expecting? This is a common issue that we in the sublimation industry have faced at one time or another. The term “what you see is what you get” certainly doesn’t apply here, and the reality is the whole process can be quite frustrating when trying to create an image for sublimation or inkjet printing. This is where some basic knowledge about the science of color and the art of generating the colors you need come into play. During the presentation, we will introduce some basic concepts about managing color for sublimation printing and how you can use the information to reduce waste, save ink and print more economically. The simplest and most important rule for color management in sublimation is consistency. Any change in a variety of variables will impact the final output. These include substrates, sublimation paper, ink, pressing time, temperature, pressure, etc. This is where reliable, consistent, high-quality Ultraflex media comes into place as one of the keys to success in dye-sublimation.

About André Schwarz

André has been working in the large format printing industry since 2007 and was able to gain a lot of interesting experience in various positions, allowing him to understand the industry from different perspectives. André Schwarz has experience with all common printers, ink technologies, software solutions, and printing materials. His strengths include customer- and solution-oriented and above all practical and structured working methods, a high degree of technical interest and understanding, a high and quick comprehension as well as passion, loyalty, and joy at work.