Navigating Personal Protective Gear (PPE)

In March, as the pandemic began to affect every aspect of life and business in the U.S. and across the globe, supply chains came into national focus. Health systems and governments knew they needed robust, resilient personal protective equipment (PPE) supply chains to successfully defeat the virus. Ultraflex, like many others, was able to successfully pivot our business and resources to manufacture various substrates used to produce PPE materials. Ultraflex has the knowledge and the capabilities to tackle anything from PETG for face shields and acrylics for barriers, to non-woven material for gowns, face masks and mask filters.

About Kylie Schleicher

Kylie Schleicher has been a product and marketing specialist in the digital printing industry for 8 years. Her background in chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of not only the products and their applications but also the construction of the materials.

About Carlos Turcio

Carlos Turcios brings 28 years of experience in sales and product development of industrial textiles. His vast experience has given him exposure to the manufacturing processes of coating and laminating synthetic fabrics, making his knowledge of face mask and isolation gown material unparalleled. He also has experience with coating and finishing of non-woven fabrics. Carlos’s varied background in international and North American markets bring a unique understanding of all customers’ needs with different products.