Going Green in Wide Format: What it Means, How to Explain it, How to Sell it

How do you go green in digital printing? What does “going green” mean? Is it enough to use more environmentally-friendly products or inks? Each piece of your company is a part of the puzzle; from the products that you purchase, to the inks, to how you transport your finished graphics and even to the building that you work in. As a leader in the industry, Ultraflex has focused on the environment and sustainability with the launch of recyclable products and products that are made from recycled materials. While we may not be able to make your entire business green overnight, Ultraflex can be part of the solution.

About Kylie Schleicher

Kylie Schleicher has been a product and marketing specialist in the digital printing industry for 8 years. Her background in chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of not only the products and their applications but also the construction of the materials.