Our Speakers

André Schwarz

André has been working in the large format printing industry since 2007 and was able to gain a lot of interesting experience in various positions, allowing him to understand the industry from different perspectives. André Schwarz has experience with all common printers, ink technologies, software solutions, and printing materials. His strengths include customer- and solution-oriented and above all practical and structured working methods, a high degree of technical interest and understanding, a high and quick comprehension as well as passion, loyalty, and joy at work.

Carlos Turcio

Carlos Turcios brings 28 years of experience in sales and product development of industrial textiles. His vast experience has given him exposure to the manufacturing processes of coating and laminating synthetic fabrics, making his knowledge of face mask and isolation gown material unparalleled. He also has experience with coating and finishing of non-woven fabrics. Carlos’s varied background in international and North American markets bring a unique understanding of all customers’ needs with different products.

Kylie Schleicher

Kylie Schleicher has been a product and marketing specialist in the digital printing industry for 8 years. Her background in chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of not only the products and their applications but also the construction of the materials.

Rick Hatton

Rick Hatton has over 35 years experience in the industrial textile, adhesive and printing markets. As a visionary and seeing a need in the industry, Rick invented Banner Ups and SEGDesign Sign Systems. He currently holds two patents and has a third pending on his innovative technology. Rick is currently serving as Sign and Graphics Market Manager for Budnick Converting Inc., in Columbia, IL.

Teunis Roos

Teunis Roos started working in the large format printing industry 15 years ago. He accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the large format printing industry with virtually anything that prints. Having traveled around the globe and being a trusted partner for hundreds of printing specialists, his expertise is based upon years of practical experience with RIP software, color management tools, measurement instruments, and printing equipment. He is best known for his down-to-earth and pragmatic approach. Teunis Roos now manages the technical lab teams at Color Concepts and is involved in various R&D projects with leading manufacturers of both hard- and software.

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson has been serving the digital printing industry for over 30 years. His expertise in the printing industry has helped customers transition and incorporate wide format printing to their digital sheet-fed and traditional offset print shops. Tim’s diversified experience in distribution as well as manufacturing allows him to understand the industry in an unique way and provide a wide breadth of knowledge and service to his customers.